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The Sister Kenny Network is an online resource dedicated to the study of the life and work of Elizabeth Kenny, the woman who fought to revolutionise the treatment of poliomyelitis.

Polio, or infantile paralysis as it was commonly known, was one of the most feared diseases of the twentieth century. Although polio has been erradicated in most parts of the world as a result of mass vaccination programmes, there is still no cure or effective pharmacological treatment for the disease or its sequelae.

Contributions to the website are welcomed from any person or organisation who wishes to support a free and open debate on Sister Kenny's life and work.

The views and comments published on this website are solely those of named contributors, and do not represent the views or interests of any organisation or group unless otherwise stated.

The website contains links to copies of original documents and resources which researchers and students may find useful. All text documents are published in the Adobe Portable Document Format.

Website updates

June 24, 2012. Website reformatted for tablet viewing.
June 7, 2012. New images added to Archival Photographs.
May 7, 2012. Sociology PhD conference poster added to Articles.
December 31, 2011. Biographies page added to Resources.
December 22, 2011. Series 15-18 of Angry Angel now available.
September 13, 2011. Series 10-14 of Angry Angel now available.
September 10, 2011. The name of the website changed to improve search engine access.
August 28, 2011. ANZSHM conference presentation added.

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